Voorbeschouwing - Liquidation w/ LSB and more [+...

LIQUIDATION: THE ROLLING SOUND OF PRETTY THUNDER Guess what? We are back! We come together once again to enjoy the best liquid drum 'n bass on the scene. This time we bring the bounce straight from the UK: no one less than LSB himself will be breaking your ankles on December 3, 2016. >> SHUTTLEBUS BACK TO ROTTERDAM CENTRAAL >> For 5 euros per person two vans will bring you back to Rotterdam Centraal, between 03.00h and 05.30h. Payment is ONLY possible in cash. The vans will depart whenever they're full or when there are at least 6 persons. No more waiting for the first train or taking the bobbus. You'll get home safe and sound. Let's roll! __? Line-up: ? LSB (UK, Soul:r, Spearhead Records) ? Noble ? KevsteRRR ? Boots b2b Koudio (aka Liquidation Soundsystem) Live visuals by BEELDENSTORM. __? GENERAL INFO We start at 23.00, don’t miss out! Presale: 8.50 euro (incl. 1 euro servicefee) Doors: 11 euro (incl. 1 euro servicefee) Please note: 16+ only. No ID, no entrance. There's variety of discounts available. For info on how to get them, check out De Kroepoekfabriek's website (Ticketinfo>Kortingen). __? LINE-UP DETAILS ? LSB Main man Beavon has been rolling in the game since the early 2000s. Originally a resident and promotor, LSB quickly turned his attention to producing music. After a few early releases, he called it a day in 2007, only to return the game reborn in 2011. His return was marked by a new sound: expressive, very melodic and soulful. The sound has won him a myriad of fans around the world. He attracted the attention of Soul:r, which resulted in a volume of the Four:Fit EP series not much later. The four tracks on the record were very popular and found their way into the hands of countless A-list dj's due to their diversity and style. This made LSB one the brightest stars in the DnB game right up until this very day. November 2016 is the month in which we welcome his newest creation: Content is LSB's new album. Check out LSB at: ? Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lukelsb Noble Ferry Noble is a well known junglist from Roterdam. He combines the sounds of liquid and jungle to produce his own blend. With years of expierence (Noble started in 1999) as both a dj and host for parties and a radioshow (The Blue Room on Jungletrain.net), this man won't disappoint! Guaranteerd. KevsteRRR You may know him from the first Liquidation back in May 2016 and from our friends of Tempo in WORM, Rotterdam. His role this time will be a bit different! Last time he closed the night. But as the chameleon he is, Kevsterrr adapts like no other. So except him a bit eralier and with a slightly different style. Tighten up those laces while dancing. Don't say we didn't warn you. Check out KevsteRRR at: ? Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/theoverorientation Boots b2b Koudio (aka Liquidation Soundsystem) During the first Liquidation they blew everyone away with a truly amazing set. Delving deep into the sound of drum 'n bass, scrounging bits of liquid, tech and jungle in order to forge that amazing vibe. They will be doing that once again and this time, we will make sure to record it. This is the stuff that deserves a place on the top shelf of history. Check out Boots and Koudio at: ? Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ksprspkr
Dance/Disco in De Kroepoek Fabriek om 23:00 uur op Zaterdag 03 December